Monday, July 12, 2010

Makes me Chuckle! :)

A friend of mine is doing a photography contest at her blog, With Faces Unveiled. The theme for the contest is, Makes me Chuckle.

Thus I entered this picture:
If you have any pictures that "Make you chuckle" hurry and enter them into this contest! I would love to see them! The contest ends tomorrow (7/13/10) at 8:00PM.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I cannot express fully just how special Sarah is to me!
Maybe in the the following descriptions you'll be able to see
a little better what I mean when I say how special Sarah is.

n Amazing Sister:
I still remember when I first met Sarah, some ten years ago.
Our ages were five and eight. Whenever we played and pretended
together we were always sister and made a promise to
always address each other as, "Sister." Our mom's laughed...
and now I know why. But Sarah will always be like
a sister to me even though we now don't call each other sister.
R eally Goofy:
We know that we can be goofy together. Often times we are laughing
so hard that we end up not being able to breath.
A bsolutely Adorable:
Sarah, you are adorable! Your inward beauty shines through.

One thing I really respect about Sarah is how
incredibly honest she is. I'm never afraid to ask her
opinion for something because I know that she
will always give me a kind and truthful answer.

H appy:
Sarah is always very cheerful when I see her. Her joyful attitude
always inspires me and encourages me to smile more
and have a cheerful attitude to the people around me.

(great) Adviser:
This ties in with her being so honest. Never afraid to tell me her true thoughts and opinion.

ear fellow Servant of God:
Sarah and I are so blessed because we are both
able to claim the same Savior. I need never to
fear being separated from my friend for we both
have placed our trust in Jesus Christ.

ear friend:
Just wanted to re-emphasize that! :)

ncredibly Humble:
I've never had a friend who inspires me more toward humility.
She is always asking questions and trying to learn
and always showing great humility.

Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider?
This means I couldn't think of anything...that started with N.
But I know that my friend LOVES Paris. In French this means,
Can you help me? So can you think of anything that starts
with an N that describes Sarah?

Thank you Sarah for always being there to hear me out and to know my thought almost at the same time I do. You are my Austen loving friend (proved by the fact that your phone is Knightly and mine is Darcy) and a fellow oldest sister. Even though our differences include: we don't look a thing alike, you're short I'm tall, and we're several years in age difference we still know each other so well that we can read each others expressions. Someone actually made our day by mistaking us as sisters one time just a few months ago! My prayer is that we'll continue to grow closer in the coming years and that our friendship will continue to be God glorifying. Once again: Happy 15th Birthday!

Proof that we are goofs!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Game Night!

Several weeks ago our volleyball team had a game night to get together, play games, and sign some t-shirts. Here's some of the pictures that were taken on my camera that night. (I can't take credit for most of them! I'm so grateful that other people use my camera to take pictures...I probably wouldn't have way as many without my photography friends! *Grin*)

Looks like a pretty serious game of Pit!
I rather wonder what Christina and I are doing?
um...what card should I play
Playing train wreck!

I think that Spencer and Jacob are playing the
P.E. version of "Simon Says" with the little girls...
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!