Monday, January 28, 2008

The Anticipated Moment!

Everybody who knows me well knows that I love to knit! For about a year now I've been working on a shawl. I haven't been working on it for a whole year only the winter months starting last year shortly after Christmas. When the weather started turning warmer I lost my motivation to finish it because the shawl was so heavy but when the fall came around again last year I found myself picking it back up as I watched TV. Finally it got so long that when I was cold I could just lay it over my lap and it would keep me warm as I was knitting. The shawl was quit a big undertaking for me since before beginning this project I had only knitted scarves and washcloths. I had only been knitting for a few months and I didn't even have a pattern. I used another shawl as a measurement and this one actually ended up larger!
Finally last night as I was watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition I finished the shawl! I was so excited! As I mentioned before it was very warm as I was knitting it. But it is even warmer when I wear it as a shawl! I just had to share my news and some pictures we took.



jodi said...

great job, girl. I love the scarf miss you guys, jodi

aprilmarg said...

I'm so proud of you. I had no idea you did it from scratch. You go girl! It looks great on you. Thank you for sharing your pics. I love the blog you did a great job setting it up. Hey, now that your done with the shaw, can I please order another scarf ;)

Rob said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria!

The shawl is really pretty!
Congrats, on finishing it.
I am sure you will enjoy wearing it this winter!!!!
Karissa Atnip