Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fireproof: The Movie


Several weeks ago my family went to see Fireproof together. This movie was exciting, humorous, and amazing! There were a lot of dramatic and tense firemen scenes but there was also a lot of funny humor mixed in. The gospel was powerfully proclaimed and so was purity. In one of the scenes Caleb Holt (the main character, played by Kirk Cameron) kisses his wife. But since Kirk Cameron has committed to never kiss anyone except his wife they brought in his real wife and dressed her in the actress' clothes so you really can't tell that Kirk Cameron is actually kissing his wife. (Click HERE to see an interview with Kirk Cameron about this.)
Most people say this is a great movie for couples but I think anyone can glean from the wisdom in this movie! We felt comfortable watching this movie as a family since we knew we wouldn't be bombarded with bad words or other disagreeable contents. Because of a few tense scenes this movie might not be the best for smaller children.
Since this movie was made by Christians I really wanted to support it. I wasn't disappointed by what I saw! Sherwood pictures did an amazing job making this movie.
From the Fireproof blog, October 30:

As FIREPROOF prepares for its sixth weekend in theaters, more than 100 theaters will be adding it to their offerings. In all, 887 theaters across the country will be showing FIREPROOF. An interesting aside: through today, the end of the fifth week, the movie is still playing in 80 percent of the theaters where it opened on September 26!

I would highly encourage you to go see this movie while it is still in theaters and with this many theaters you shouldn't have a problem finding it near you! If you've already seen Fireproof I would love to hear what you thought of it!


P.S. Something interesting that Andrew observed is that all of the movies Sherwood Films has made begin with an "F" Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof.

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