Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Dollar for a Drink Campaign

This campaign was started by a fellow Rebelutionary, Joshua Guthrie. What is Joshua's vision? Involve fellow christians to...

Give up one Drink
Give one Dollar
Help build on well in Sudan

Few people have the funds to build a well on their own for people without any source of clean drinking water. That is why Joshua is asking people to only donate as much as they can...for some that might be a dollar. So far the dollar for a drink campaign has raised 7,200.The challenge is to raise $8,000 (the amount needed to dig a well) BEFORE CHRISTMAS 2008!

Here is how Joshua defines Dollar for a Drink:
Dollar for a Drink is a non-profit organization that is raising money for fresh water wells in Sudan, Africa. We are working with Baptist Global Response, which is a humanitarian relief organization similar to World Vision and Samaritan's Purse. Dollar for a Drink is a "turn-key" operation. We raise the money for the wells, and BGR puts them in. 100%* of donations will be spent towards the building of the well(s).

Joshua has inspired me with his vision to give drinkable water to people in Sudan. It's not to late to help. To find out more about dollar for a drink, amazing facts about how much people need water, how to promote this organization or even how to donate visit www.dollarforadrink.org.



Joshua Guthrie said...

Dear White family,

Joshua Guthrie here! I just wanted to thank you all for putting Dollar for a Drink in your blog! It always encourages me to see others interested in spreading the word about the cause. I can't do this alone, and I need other great families and individuals such as yourselves to spread the word!

I am pleased to say that DfaD reached our goal a few days ago! The Lord has been so good to me throughout all of this.

Once again, thanks for your help! :D

Anonymous said...

You guys are too cool for school.

B):D :)

Brittany D.