Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Moving

We moved from Kentucky to Florida. We had a big moving truck! I could run back and forth in it...that is before it got packed up. The first day that we were moving two people came to help us pack up the truck. The next day there was one. The next day there was four people. Some friends came over too! We got to play toy air planes and guns. It was a fun day! We went out in the backyard and hid in the shed and then we popped out to shoot bad guys. The whole moving process was very fun for me...until we got sick. After we got better we headed down to Florida. In Florida we got the truck unloaded very fast! We had a lot of help from the people at church. Then one of Victoria's friends came over to help us organize. (Side note from Victoria: Thanks Jordan!) I got out all my toys while they were organizing and started playing. I had lots of fun playing too! Spencer and I played out in the backyard a lot. A couple of times our family has gone out into the woods in the back of our house. Sometimes there's snakes out in the back too! Just to let you know Spencer helped all the guys load and unload the truck. We are now settled into our new house. I like it a lot!



Tressia said...

Hay guys
so glad you got to Florida safely.
We had a servere ice storm, our elec was off for 10 days. Back to the olden days.
Please note my e-mail address is now
I enjoy the blog.

The Kid said...

That's cool Andrew! We had a lot of people help us with our house before we moved too, though they helped more with painting and stuff. I sure am glad you guys moved down here! Now I have 3 really great friends!

See ya'll Sunday!