Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 2009 Do Hard Things Tour

Two years ago my family went to the Indianapolis Rebelution Conference. We had a great time listening to the speakers (Alex, Brett Harris and Gregg Harris), meeting like minded teens and their parents, and being challenged to do hard things for the glory of God! We made a lot of memories and this year I'm excited that once again we're going to get the opportunity to go to one of the conferences. This year my family and I are planning on going to the Birmingham Rebelution Conference! We are blessed that this years conference is only a couple of hours away from us. At the Indianapolis Conference I was surprised to see that some people had traveled from as far as Nebraska and Florida. (Last year there were some people from Europe at one of the conferences!) Since then I have gotten to know a Rebelutionary who went to the Indianapolis conference and lives in Nebraska. She shared with me, "That conference was well worth the 17 hour drive." So if you live close or far try to take advantage of this movement and go to one of their regional conferences. You won't be sorry. Also go to their website ( and read some of the things they write about!


Will I see you at the Conference?
Are you going to another location for The Rebelution Conference?
What do you think of The Rebelution movement and what it is doing?

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