Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Funny Pictures



marty said...

The second picture is my favorite :-)
Love the cute look to the blog too!

The White's said...

Thank you so much Mrs. Marty! I love finding different cute backgrounds for the blog...there are so many to choose from that it is hard to decide which one. :)


marty said...

I know! I usually spend a bunch of time trying them on so to speak...I'll put it on, change all the colors and then go look again. The last time I changed it I think I used four or five before I came back to this one...haven't seen the people you're using before...I wonder????

Ivorydancer said...

Those are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

lol. those are awesome...... ^^

The Kid said...

Wow! you are so cute! and who's that awesome girl in the yellow? oh i bet she's cool! =) just kidding!!!! +)
there are some great templates at they're for wordpress and blogger.

Ivorydancer said...

Hey Victoria!!!! It's Hannah Dick! I've tried to email you and comment back to you... but they don't seem to be getting through... tell Haley to give you my cell number... I'm big on texting and it's unlimited!

I wanted to let you know that my blog URL has changed to:

you will have to re-follow it in order for the updates to come to your dashboard.

Thank you and God bless!