Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Campaigning Adventure

At the beginning of November Spencer and I were able to do some campaigning for Greg Evers who is running for our district's State Senate. We went with a small group of teens and during the morning walked around a neighborhood to collect signatures on a petition.
We all went door to door as individuals. At first I was nervous having never done anything like that before...but neither had anyone else (except Aaron) so that made the experience so much fun. At the end of the street we would all gather together and share our stories and how many petitions we got signed. :)
I had wanted to be involved in something like that for the last two and a half years and especially when we joined Generation Joshua. Spencer and I really like politics! Doing this with people we knew made the experience even better. Hopefully we'll be able to do something like this again soon!
One of my friends was asked this question while campaigning, "If this guy is running for State Senate why does he need a bunch of kids campaigning for him?"
But reading about our Founding Fathers it is very easy to see that they did not become the great men we remember them as when they were older. They lived great lives and didn't waste their younger years. Most of them dedicated themselves to their different interests at young ages and graduated from college in their teens. It is only during recent times that people have started to believe the lie that younger people can't understand politics.

Our group: (left to right) Kait Culbertson, Katie Holmes, Aaron McCurdy, me, Spencer, Katie McCurdy, and Allison. (Allison split up from us when we where campaigning but joined us for lunch where we took this picture.)


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