Monday, December 21, 2009

New Orleans: Part 1

Pictures From Around New Orleans

Last November we went to New Orleans for several days. Daddy was attending a conference and everyone went a long to see the city.This was the hotel we stayed at while in New Orleans.

Trolleys were very prevalent Downtown

My favorite view from downtown!
The Mississippi River
There were so many old fashioned buildings.
I loved all the jazz music along the streets!
An old church in the French Quarter
The details on the inside of the church were so intrigued.



Kait said...

Whoops. I'm getting my comments mixed up. :) The one about the cafe should have gone to this one. I can't seperate the posts because there are so many pictures! Haha, yay!

Kait said...

Ach,now I'm even more confused!!!!
I just realized I put the wrong comment about the wrong comment on the wrong post. AAAAHHH?!?!?!