Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spreading the Word

I just had to post this video after Dr. Orrick was telling the story behind it on several Sundays ago during church. He was using this video as an example of guerrilla evangelism in his sermon.
I don't remember if this is exactly how it went but I'll try to tell it as accurately as I can.
He told us how he first shared the video with one of his classes then someone from that class posted it on u tube. Now you can search for this video on the Internet and find it on a series of different websites. Surprisingly, Dr.Orrick wasn't aware of this until the Dean of Boyce college told him about it and how he had shared it with his class. Now everyone from this fellow Professors class has memorized it and was showing it to their friends. "This is a great example of guerrilla advertisement!" He told Dr. Orrick. But Dr. Orrick compared it to guerrilla evangelism.
In case you don't know what guerrilla evangelism is Dr. Orrick explained it this way to all of us, guerrilla evangelism is when the leader creates something (in his case) and then the people that he shared it with go out and spread it to their friends and it keeps being shared and takes on a life of it's own. During this time the leader has hardly done anything, all the publicity has been done by the followers.
I've seen this happen with so many different things. It's so wonderful to see different people within their own circle collaborating together and in the end completing something big together! The excitement of one person telling another person about something is contagious. How have you worked together with someone and completed something that was to large to do one your own?


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