Saturday, August 9, 2008

The 2008 Summer Olympics have begun!

Did anyone watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night?
We enjoyed watching all of the amazing things that China performed this year. All of the technology was really interesting. We could see China's desire to truly do better then had ever been done before.
Then came the march of Nations, several nations we know well such as Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan and America but there where others as always that we really wondered where they where and how to pronounce them. (The Olympics are really great for testing your geography!) One thing that struck me was that with each nation that marches in you really get a glimpse into their culture. You get to see their complexion and their costumes, the way they carry themselves and how large they are as a nation.
The lighting of the torch was truly amazing. Seeing the man up so high for so long was truly awing to me since I am terrified of heights.
Some people might think it's silly to get this excited about the Olympics. But they only come once every two years...and the next summer Olympics will be in four years. But for now we have the rest of the Olympics to look forward to watching! Go USA!


Do you watch the Olympics?
If you do, what are you most looking forward to seeing?

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