Friday, August 1, 2008

Learning how to make stewed tomatoes

This morning we went over to some friends house and they taught us how to make stewed potatoes.

Step #1 Picking the tomatoes:

First we went out to their large garden and picked the tomatoes that we would be using. We all picked probably about 2 bushels.

Step #2 Washing the tomatoes:

Then Sahlin, Spencer and Evan made a line and washed the tomatoes. I was informed that the first bucket would soak the tomatoes, the second would wash most of the dirt off and by the last bucket the tomatoes would be totally clean. :D

Step #3 Boiling the tomatoes/pealing the outer layer off/cutting the stems off:

I can't cover all of these combined steps since I was occupied with parts two and three. (Which is where this picture was captured.) Boiling the tomatoes in the hot water then transferring them to the ice box caused the outer layer to peal of easier. These steps were especially challenging for Spencer since he really doesn't like tomatoes.
Mommy and Mrs. Cassandra stayed busy boiling the tomatoes then cutting them whenever we had completed our steps.

Step #4 cooking the stewed tomato recipe:
Here's a few of the tomatoes in the sink waiting to be cooked.

Step #5 Fill the jars/put them in the pressure cooker to seal:

Mrs. Cassandra and Mommy boiling the jars.

The jars of tomatoes being sealed in the pressure cooker.

Thanks Mrs. Cassandra for teaching us! We had a great time! Stay tuned because hopefully in a few weeks we'll learn how to make salsa. :D


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vmcleod said...

This brings back many memories from our days in the garden in Alabama. We didn't do salsa in those days. The tomatoes were used for soups, an occasional beef and macaroni cassarole, or tomatoe gravy over biscuits. Oh, my, now I'm going to have to make some tomatoe gravy in the next few days....