Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Louisville Slugger Museum

Yesterday we went to the Slugger Museum. This is where all the bats are made for baseball players. We went several years ago with Mee Maw and Grandpa but we had never been with Daddy. So yesterday we where able to go as a family.
We got to go on a tour through the plant where the bats are made and see them in the different stages, which was very interesting. We where able to see the different woods that bats where made out of, maple and ash. At the end of the tour we where given a miniature bat to take home.
After going on the tour we where able to see a special exhibit that had baseballs signed by different presidents of the United States. The oldest ball was signed by Teddy Roosevelt.
We went through the museum and learned about different players and their loved bats. There was a room set up like the baseball field and the announcers booth was off to the side. We where able to go into the dugout and sit there also.
The boys had a lot of fun going to the museum and I learned a lot about baseball.


Due to camera problems I wasn't able to take any pictures. ;)

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