Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Tribute to my Dad

Both of my parents have had a huge impact in my life but in very different ways. My Mom has been a role model of femininity and women hood while my Dad has shown me all my life what a man's role is. I love to watch them living out their God given roles!I feel confident submitting under Daddy's leadership. I respect him for his wisdom in so many situations. Often I turn to him for advice and knowledge.
Daddy has a vision and a focus for life. (Serving Jesus Christ and equipping others with the gospel.)
He has shown me true perseverance the last few years as he has pursued his pHd while working several jobs. I know it's been tough at times but it's been a great example to all of us! I'm excited to see what will happen in the next few years!
But my Dad wouldn't be who he is without God! I love to see the different ways God has worked through Daddy's life - and since Daddy is the leader of our family we're able to see God work through all of us as a family!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Thank you for being my hero! I love you so much!

My Dad has been the greatest dad ever! When I have a problem he will always help me with it and I always feel a lot better. He is a great example to me in my Christian walk. He's a joy in the good times and the bad!
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Love Your Son,

My Dad is a very great Dad!
Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you and I like having you as my Dad. I'm glad you had a great birthday!


Happy Birthday Jonny! I am a blessed wife. I pray that Christ will continue to make you more like Him this next year.


Sam's Family said...

You guys made me cry :-)
Happy belated birthday Jonny from the Haddings...we think you're great too :-)

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