Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Samuel Adams on Freedom

I believe that our government is not only becoming more and more corrupt but is also moving steadily away from the Constitution (the recent bailout bill is a fine example of this). That scares me! But what scares me even more is how politicians in Washington refuse to stand up for our rights. Samuel Adams in his Article Signed "CANDADIS" says:

And if a minister shall usurp the supreme and absolute government of America, and set up his instructions as laws in the colonies, and their Governors shall be so weak or so wicked, as for the sake of keeping their places, to be made the instruments in putting them in execution, who will presume to say that the people have not a right, or that it is not their indispensible duty to God and their Country, by all rational means in their power to RESIST THEM.
If you would please take the time to read this wonderful article. You can click on the link above or here. When I read this I just kept on seeing our present situation. So please read it!


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