Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Article That Inspired Us

Alex and Brett Harris just wrote an awesome post for Focus on the Family's Boundless Webzine. It is so encouraging to read! I think this article is a shortened and condensed version of everything the movement, the website, and the conferences are all about. Here's an excerpt:

And while it may sound more appealing to sign up for a less extreme version of the Christian life. Maybe instead of the platinum "do hard things" membership, we can tackle something more along the lines of the bronze "go-to-church-every-week" membership. Less benefits for less effort. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately (or again, fortunately), God doesn't leave that option open to us.

Writes C.S. Lewis: "It is hard; but the sort of compromise we're hankering after is harder — in fact, it is impossible.... We are like eggs at present. And we cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad."

In other words, we can't just go on being ordinary, decent Christians, giving God part of our lives while holding back the rest. Either we are hatched and learn to fly or we are a dud that will soon start to stink. The ironic thing here is that although the hardest thing — the almost impossible thing — is to hand over our whole selves to Christ, it is far easier than what we are trying to do instead.

So now that you've read some of the article go check out the rest!

-Victoria and Spencer

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