Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Whenever I was little I wanted a sister so bad! I wanted someone I could play dolls with and have tea parties with. As I grew older I realized God had given me brothers not sisters and I needed to be as much of an example to my brothers as I wanted to be to a sister.
I need to be an example of femininity and of patience and submission. (The last two I haven't quit conquered.)
After watching a very good documentary, The Return of the Daughters it occurred to me that I am helping to train up the next generation of men. One of the girls said something very good. I can't remember her exact wording but she said something like, "Whenever your talking to your brothers about men that you admire, either from the past or present. They will be looking to those men as examples. So you can study up on men of the faith and give them wonderful examples."
So I had to ask myself, what examples am I giving to my brothers? Do I have characteristics that they are looking at and will want in a future wife?
Before I came to Christ I had a hard time accepting it when Spencer knew something that I didn't know yet. I would put him down because he was 3 years younger then me. But I eventually realized that I was not in the least encouraging him in his masculinity and manliness by the way I was acting. So now I try to encourage my brothers in every way I can. It's hard sometimes but then I realize...Andrew wants to be the President! Hey, I could be helping to train up one of our future Presidents!
So what are you ladies doing to help raise up the next godly generation of men? I would love to hear anyone's insight and advice!


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