Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Times With Good Friends

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go up to Indianapolis for a very special event...we got to see a good friend of ours Joshua Williams be baptized!
We all really missed not being able to see everyone at our church but this was a unique occasion. We got to meet a lot of new people and see the Williams again. To my disappointment none of the pictures from the baptism worked out since the sanctuary was so dark!
Also Hannah (Joshua's older sister) sang a song that she had written herself.
Joshua is 11 years old and he was baptized by his Dad, Jimmy Williams after accepting Christ. It was wonderful to see him following Christ in obedience in baptism! Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Gina Williams have 5 kids
Hannah (12), Joshua (11), Rachel (10) , Micah (8) and
Elisabeth who is only a few months old.
So we got to spend most of the day with them.
(Above is an older picture of all
of us last December.)

Then on the way home we stopped at iHop right across the river from Louisville and to our surprise our friends the Dicks where there eating also! What providence since they live about a half an hour from Louisville! So we got to eat a yummy dinner with them and talk with and get to know all of them better. Yesterday we got to have lots of fun and lots of fellowship with friends!

(The manager kindly took this
picture so that everyone could be
in it.)


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