Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do Hard Things

A week ago tomorrow our Do Hard Things Arrived in the mail. We pre-ordered our copies in the book bomb on Amazon.com. (Look at the side bar.)
After reading a post on the Rebelution we realized it has been a little more then a year since Alex and Brett first announced they'd be writing a book. You couldn't imagine our excitment when we found a box of books on our doorstep. After hearing the updates and praying for the book and it's message through the writing process it was so cool to see Do Hard Things on the shelf in Barns and Noble!
Do Hard Things contains a message that needs to be spread. The book is a challenge to go against what our culture defines as normal. Through the chapters we are encouraged to do things that are outside of our comfort zones, collaborate with other people to accomplish ideas that are too big for just us, do small hard things that don't pay off immediately like chores, and stand up for what we believe in even if it means going against the crowd. We are told throughout the book that our teen years are the launching pad for the rest of our life and we meet tons of other teens who have done hard things.

This is the Official Book Description:
The next generation stands on the brink of a "rebelution." With over 16 million hits to their website TheRebelution.com, Alex and Brett Harris are leading the charge in a growing movement of Christian young people who are rebelling against the low expectations of their culture by choosing to "do hard things" for the glory of God. Written when they were 18 years old, Do Hard Things is the Harris twins' revolutionary message in its purest and most compelling form, giving readers a tangible glimpse of what is possible for teens who actively resist cultural lies that limit their potential. Combating the idea of adolescence as a vacation from responsibility, the authors weave together biblical insights, history, and modern examples to redefine the teen years as the launching pad of life and map a clear trajectory for long-term fulfillment and eternal impact. Written by teens for teens, Do Hard Things is packed with humorous personal anecdotes, practical examples, and stories of real-life rebelutionaries in action. This rallying cry from the heart of revolution already in progress challenges the next generation to lay claim to a brighter future, starting today.

Even though this book is written "for teens by teens" I think anyone could learn from the lessons put forth in this book.
One of the reason I love Do Hard Things so much is because it introduces me to so many real life people that are going against our cultures norm. I am encouraged to do things that might seem hard but I know I'm not alone there are many more people...brothers and sisters in Christ!
So go and purchase yourself or someone you know a copy. You won't be disappointed.


Sam's Family said...

Hey, we bought a copy over the weekend! I really like it too.

Merrill said...

Yay! I just got my copy too!
You're right...it is so exciting to see them at Barns and Noble!

Raisa said...

Well written article.