Friday, June 20, 2008

The Blue Angels Part 2 In the Museum

Whenever the show was over we went inside the museum where the air condition was up really high! It felt great!
First, the pilots came in and to sign the slips of information we had. The lines where so long though that we only got the Captain's signature.
(the one closest to us in the picture.)

There where of coarse a lot of planes. Spencer found one that especially interested him though. Coincidentally he found the plane that he had just written a post about a few weeks earlier on our blog...the SBD Dauntless.

The museum was very interactive. You could walk through a space that felt like you where on an aircraft carrier or an area that felt like you where on an army base in the Pacific during World War II.
My favorite area was the World War II home front. It felt like I was walking through a 1940's small town.

The pictures above are a World War II washing machine. We also got to walk through a section of what a traditional 1940's house would look like.

Here's a picture of Andrew listening to a speech on the radio. Don't you think there should be The Walton's theme song playing in the background?

Mommy is in front of the candy and popcorn center.

Spencer where he always is: In front of the news stand.

Andrew is in front of the movie theater.

My favorite must have been the little general store. The prices where
hilarious. But I loved the phone and the post office the best.

The museum was such a great learning experience and it didn't seem like we got to spend way enough time looking around, but there was so much to see!


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