Friday, June 27, 2008

Impacting the Culture

Hello Everyone,

I just found a great giveaway over on thanks to Marty Hadding!
It is a great set of DVD's that they're giving away for free entitled, Reclaiming the Culture. As Christians it is so important that we impact our culture with the biblical view of the family and this family is doing a really great job over at! The Botkins have blessed and challenged our family with their views and they are interviewed on some of these DVD's in this set. Raising a daughter in this culture who wants to follow God and be a keeper of the home and not go to college is quite a radical view in this day and time. Their documentary, The Return of the Daughter, helped put our convictions into words so that we could share it with those around us.
We can't wait until their next documentary this time for men comes out, The Battle For Civilization.
Note: The contest is over tonight at midnight so you only have a short amount of time!


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Anonymous said...

You are very gifted Victoria and it is great that you are using it for the Glory of God. I am very proud of you and amazed at how you can do this.


Mee Maw