Friday, June 20, 2008

Visiting with Family and Friends

Whenever we went down to Florida we where able to first go and visit Daddy's side of the family who live in Pensacola and Southern Alabama.

Here's a picture of us with Aunt Beverly, Uncle Steven and Reese on a tour of their beautiful farm! (We had to take turns taking the pictures. :D)

It was really a challenge getting everyone into this picture! I remember all of us girls where laughing about something... though I'm not sure what. We finally did get a picture with the cousins. The front row from left to right is Reese, Andrew and Lindsey's baby Braydon. From left to right on the couch it's Megan, me and Lindsey and then everyone knows the person on the top of the pyramid!
Here is a picture of us with Baw Baw my Grandmother. It was so great to be able to spend time with her and get to see her again. This time I saw her she taught me the basics of crocheting. I'm still trying to catch on! :D

We also got to visit with so many other family members that I didn't get picture's with.

(Ahh! I thought the pyramid up above was hard...this was ten times harder to get.) While in Pensacola we also got to visit with some of our friends, the Hadding's and the Bryant's. These are the kids that where willing to sit in the picture. From left to right on the very bottom there's Emily Hadding and Lynnlee Bryant. Squished on the bottom part of the couch is Andrew, Spencer, me, Sarah Hadding and Aaron Bryant. On the top of the couch is Alice Bryant, Abigail Hadding, Sydney Bryant and Sam Hadding. (Missing from this picture is little Claire Hadding who really did not want to take a part in the pictures!) Altogether there where twelve kids! We all had such a great time playing games and visiting.
It was so much fun visiting everyone that we haven't seen in forever! We made lot's of great memories.


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