Monday, July 7, 2008

Do you have a Holy Ambition?

This video is a little longer then most you tube videos at 7 minutes and 45 seconds but the message is so vital! I would encourage you to watch it in it's full extent and then take this video and share it. Do we have a holy ambition?
I have recently decided, after much prayer and consideration, that my holy ambition is,

To be a supportive daughter to my parents and an encouraging sister to my brothers. In the future I want to be a faithful wife to my future husband and a loving mother to my children. I always want to be a faithful servant to my Lord Jesus Christ. My prayer is that people will look at my life and see a reflection of Christ!

But I believe that in my life there will be different seasons. So whatever else God might throw in if He sees fit to do so I will willingly accept!

Some thoughts for consideration:
-Before this had you ever heard the word holy ambition?
-Did you know what it was?
-Do you have a Holy Ambition?
-If you do have one what is it?

Please share your thoughts!


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