Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to the Creation Museum!

Not last Saturday but the Saturday before my family went to the creation museum for the day. Since my Dad's a pastor he and Mommy got in for free and Spencer, Andrew and I got in half price. Since Cincinnati is only a few hours away from Louisville this made a really fun day!
It was a really fun day. We got there at opening time and stood in line...even that early it was really crowded and the cars where pouring in but other than the slight inconvenience that many people caused we thought it was great since it showed that people were learning about creation and God's word.
The museum combated the ideas of Evolution by walking us through the different views between Evolution and Creation. It also took us through the first few scenes on the Bible, including the creation through the flood. There was so much I learned, including how the world existed before the fall and what they thought the ark and the flood might have been like.
There were a lot of outdoor tables where we could eat the lunch Mommy packed for us. Outside the scenery was beautiful, including swinging and suspended bridges over the water.
A room inside the museum was dedicated entirely to dinosaurs. It was wonderful to hear the view on these creatures from a Christian view. Someone had asked me before if I believed that dinosaurs really existed. I had told her that I did but I wasn't sure how to defend it other then that there has been a lot of evidence found. Some scholars on a short video we watched defended the argument biblically by pointing out Job 40:15-18 and chapter 41 when it mentions the Behemoth and the Leviathan. (It is not certain that these are dinosaurs but the Behemoth especially seems like one.)
I hope you enjoy viewing all the pictures and I would highly recommend this museum to anyone!

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