Monday, July 7, 2008

Stories About Honduras

Last week a friend of our family, Mr. Rob Hadding came to stay with us for a few days.
He told us about his mission trip to Honduras with his church. It truly opened my eyes to how needy some other countries are.
According to the book Operation World Honduras has a population of 8,202,633 people. Most of them are Spanish and the primary religion is Catholic.
But Operation World says:

The devastating super-hurricane 'Mitch' in 1998 was a major setback with 60% of the country's infrastructure destroyed. Many decades will be needed to recover from it. Unemployment is 40%.
(Mr. Rob told us that most people earn only about two dollars a day that have jobs.)

I thought it was rather interesting that while in Honduras Mr. Rob and the people from his church that went helped to build a bridge over a river. This river was located between about five villages and during the dry months people could cross this river by just wading but whenever it rained traveling between the villages was made impossible. This bridge made transportation easier and definitely safer.
I love hearing tales about mission trips even in the United States. It really helps me to understand how truly blessed I am!


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